Appearing in our Femme Domme Chess collection as our version of the Bishop piece, this Priestess wields her magic against any who threaten the family. As a poker sex toy (dildo), it is hand-made from platinum-cure silicone.

Notes from Beta (testers): Keep a good grip on this one. They are very sneaky and want to run away into tight spaces. Beware teh knot of shoulders!

Stepping in with big magic over the patriarchy, the Priestess is here. Choosing the old magic over patriarchal religion is an easy conceptual leap for us. What was less easy, was deciding how to depict her/them. We chose to show her very pregnant under consideration for how the old religions hold and practice magic. She has chosen this path. We pity the weak sole who endeavors to choose for her.

Political disclaimer: WE ARE VERY PRO-ABORTION and body-autonomy, and we would never think to tell someone what they should do with their body. Especially when it comes to long term health impacts.

Check dis line art!

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