King of Femme Domme Chess

King of Femme Domme Chess

All hail the King, The Mighty Ute.

Our final, and most prominent Femme Domme Chess piece, is the King of kings. The Mighty Ute stands 10" (25cm) tall at full size. As a "stroker" sex toy (pen or penetrable), it is designed with a narrow opening to provide a tighter sensation for any phallus-like body part, and features an anatomically inspired narrowing at the cervix before opening into a "pocket" in the uterus itself. As with all of our sex toys, The Mighty Ute is hand-made from platinum-cure silicone.

This toy also doubles as a challenging "poker" toy! Only the full size features a stroker core. The smaller sizes are for poking only.

Please read through our Material Notes regarding firmness to assist your decision on models.

Notes from Beta (testers): look at that core profile. It actually *feels* similar to a vaginal canal. If you can warm and lube it.... #droolface

The first iterations of this one looked more jester-like than kingly. Either way, being the most important piece on the board, this one had to be a uterus. Why? What is the precise opposite of patriarchy?

Feminism and femininity are MUCH broader concepts than physical forms, genitalia, and organs. That being said, waiving a silicone uterus attached to a pedestal in the patriarchy's face is one hell of a statement. :D

The full size of this toy is a dual stroker/poker with an anatomically close cavity. If you're gonna make a silicone uterus, why not bring the rest of the system with it? So, yeah. Not-quite-prosthetic internal-reproductive system anyone?

This piece will also be available in a "Trophy" version, made-to-order from N4F materials and featuring a small plaque space.

The line art!

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