The Castle, Bewb (Rook)

The Castle, Bewb (Rook)

Standing resolute to protect their King, The Castle, Bewb joins our Femme Domme Chess collection as our version of the Rook piece. As a stroker sex toy (pen or penetrable) it is designed with a narrow opening to provide a tighter sensation for any phallus-like body part, and is hand-made from platinum-cure silicone. (smaller sizes do not feature a stroking cavity... sorry)

Please read through our Material Notes regarding firmness to assist your decision on models.

Notes from Beta (testers): we suggest the 0010 firmness for this pen. The firmer toys can be uncomfortably strong for average or larger girthed persons.

Released in the final week of April 2022, our Rook piece from the Femme Domme Chess set is called The Castle, Bewb. While designing, we wanted to think of visual representations of femininity and settled on the more traditional, hour-glass figure with some tig-ole-bitties. What we did not plan on was how much fun the bewbeez are to fidget with. Seriously, I'm having trouble typing right meow.

Also, the crown makes it difficult to use this as a poking dildo. So, we decided to make this one a stroker at full size for those with such desires. Having a designer with phallus, lead us to design the shaft a little narrower than usual to provided a tighter grip. Boy howdy, did that work well!

Evil laugh moment: the way we designed our fab process, we could do different shaft types in the same mold. #Huhuwahaha

Line art!

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