Cowpolk Hats "fer wearin' on yer bits"

Cowpolk Hats "fer wearin' on yer bits"

Yeehaw! It's a wearable fer yer genitals! This Cowpolk Hat is inspired by Artemis herself. As a "wearer" sex toy, they are made exclusively from platinum-cure silicone.

Originally intended to spruce up phallic display, these versatile Cowpolk Hats can be used in many different ways and on a variety of sensitive body parts! <3

Note from Beta (testers): The main cup can provide a light suction that can gently stimulate nipples and other nerve clusters! Look for stiffer materials for best results.


The Cowpolk Hat (100) is the original size, and accommodates more compact phallus sizes and smaller nipples. (This size is incredibly difficult to manufacture. So, these will be RARE!)

The Cowpolk Hat (130) is 130% the original size, and accommodates the center portion of the bell curve for phallus sizes and medium nipples.

 The Cowpolk Hat (160) is 160% the original size, and accommodates more robust phallus sizes and larger nipples/areolas.

The idea to make these comes from a desire to spruce up *solicited* dick picks and profile pictures in certain, fetish-based spaces. In practice, they work very differently from the original intent, and are SUPER fun to fidget with. They can even be used for light suction sensations (Hello, gentle nipple play!)

Most of the time, these will be available in firmer silicones, as the thin nature of the design leaves them quite flimsy. Unfortunately, being so thin, they are a giant pain in the tucas to cast. We are working to perfect the process to sustainably produce a reliable product.

Disclaimer note: we stress this is intended for SOLICITED dick pics, because NOBODY LIKES UNsolicited ones. We honestly don't care how pretty you think your aesthetic is. In every instance without prior negotiation, u.d.p.'s are sexual assault, and should *always* be reported as such to the proper authorities.

Also, dibbs on the claim to inventing the "cock hat" even though this could totes be worn on other body parts.... also also dibbs on "tiddy hat."

 Also also also, here's some line art for giggles.

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