Dun dana nun dana nun, The Cow-girrrrl!

Dun dana nun dana nun, The Cow-girrrrl!

Riding in to replace the knight for Femme Domme Chess, this Cowgirl is saddled up to protect the herd. Made from platinum cure silicone, the full size of this toy is heckin knotty.

Notes from Beta (testers): The hat's wings make a WONERFUL light sucking action happen vaginally. Or can be used for some entertaining flicking if you flop it back and forth super fast.

A knight inspired by Artemis herself, The Cowgirl is our first poker-style sex toy (in that the toy can be used to poke at stuff). We wanted to represent more body types and identities than the traditional hourglass+boobs, and landed on trying to create a visual representation of transwomen. While we're hoping that it comes across as representation, neither of us is trans. So, we have no idea of the struggles and experiences that come with the identity. We hope you feel seen and loved today and always!!!

Also, they/she was originally supposed to have the hat sitting in a standard position rather than dropped forward. This created issues in the casting process and we decided to tip it down. Imho, she looks much more sinister this way #rawrface

This is a picture of the very first pour..... it did not go well and went immediately into our private collection. May have found a good way to represent blue jeans with this pour though. So, that's a positive note.

Line art time!


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