Whether for your squishing, grinding, or packing pleasures, or even simply to be used as a drop object during team play, the God of coercion and bondage, Ananke has inspired this pawn for submission to your will. As a "feeler" or tactile sex toy, it is hand-made from platinum-cure silicone.

Please read through our Material Notes regarding firmness to assist your decision on models.

Notes from Beta (testers): Our personal preference is to the 30 firmness for this grinder, but we're super sensitive and can't take vibrators.

Our first model released in our Femme Domme Chess set is our Pawn piece. The pawn is subservient and expendable. What better way to symbolize this concept than with bound dangly-bits?! Yes, we really are matriarchal :D

 Also, here's some line art.

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