Our Bludgeonesse

Our Bludgeonesse

Standing in as our Queen of Femme Domme Chess, The Bludgeonesse stands tall and heavy with a large, flat face to bludgeon any dissenters into submission. As a "fealer," impact toy, or tactile sex toy, it is hand-made from platinum-cure silicone.

Notes from Beta (testers): If you prod an area with the head and smack the toybutt like the toy is a chisel, it feels pretty awesome.

We had no idea how best to embody the power and agility of the Queen piece for our Feeme Domme Chess set. She is the single most powerful piece on the board. How the heck do we show physical power??? Well, we need to make her a bludgeoning toy. So, big, flat surface? Check. Hefty? Oh, yeah, check. Can be used to torture in more ways? Chiggidy check.

Once she gets you in her grasp, you'd better not do anything without permission.

Understanding power dynamics in adult play makes life so much more interesting!

Some line art for y'all!

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