Teh UteBuddy finger puppet! Is uterus with feet and little backpack... that you can wear on your finger.... or a pen. :D

These are exclusively manufactured in platinum-cure silicone and are available in a variety of colors and material firmness. For added whimsy, we get to choose which colors you get. (If you order a larger toy in addition to these, we will try to get your Buddy(ies) from a matching pour.)

In the words of the great Bob Ross, "a happy little accident." These little guys came to be from partially test printing the Queen and King pieces. Mistress Ivory just happened to lay the pieces down in the right way, and BAM! UteBuddy was born.

We decided to make them a finger puppet so that they can be a useful teeny.

Note: we make these from excess PtSi as we pour the larger toys. So! With larger pours and drops, we should have extras to match with larger toys. :)


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