"Certificate of Birth" Label

The date on your new friend's label (affixed to the plastic packaging for shipment) depicts a date of birth. This is the date they were bagged and tagged. Also included on the tag is the initials from who packaged it, the product's trademark name and the material/firmness. The firmness may be followed by a dash and number to indicate which generation of master it was born of.

We will need all information on the tag to assist with any product support or quality issues. The tag also serves as a certificate of authenticity or ownership. Please feel free to clip the tag off the bag and affix it to the thank-you card (included in your package) for display! We've also provided a spot to name and assign gender to your buddy if you so choose. If you are happy with your order experience and are displaying the toy, we would love to see them in their new home via social media <3 (please respect profile notes regarding sexual content)