Eco and Health

We do our best to operate with as little impact to the earth as possible. Our primary goal is to leave no trace, and if that fails, we leave it better than it was found. Our filler material is typically shredded mailers and paper grocery bags (paper only), or re-used packing material from other shipments.

Unfortunately, our sex toys, being made of silicone, are not environmentally friendly in any way, but we are continuously investigating other, SAFE materials for those toys. We sanitize and individually seal each sculpture and sex toy in its own, air-tight packaging. Please recycle this packaging per local waste management recommendations.

We are also very health conscious and meticulously clean everything that enters (and subsequently leaves) our shop. We will continue to do this regardless of governmental or social recognition of public health concerns.

That being said, we do have 2 black cats that reside in our production facility. There may be a hair that finds a way into the package on occasion. Please always clean/sanitize a new-to-you toy before use.