"Dents" or "N4F"

What the heck does Dent or N4F mean in the product description or on my c.o.b?

Formerly labeled as T.T.M.U.C. (pronounced “tittymuck” and standing for “This. Thing. Made. Us. Curse.”), “Dents” are more commonly referred to as “flops” in the artisanal sex toy community. These items contain defects that should not compromise safety or function, but failed our quality standards. We will *always* discount them, and we try our best to show the defects in pictures (lighting is hard....).

If you purchase a Dent-ed item, and find a feature that was not advertised and you are not comfortable with, please do not open the packaging. Do, please reach out to us though. We will not accept returns of opened packaging.

N4F (Not. For. Fucking.)

This means that you should NOT try to have sex with the item. Final packaging may be labeled with "NOT 4 FUCKING" or "NOT FOR FUCKING."