Material Notes

(PtSi) Silicone - all of our sex and sexual use toys are made from platinum-cure silicone and use body-safe micas for coloring. Generally, it is good practice to deep clean new-to-you sex toys at least once before playing with them.

PtSi Firmness. You may see these numbers in option titles. Here is what they mean:

0010 - aka; 0010, melty-soft, mega-soft, the ppp (pianissimo) of softness. Feels like it wants to melt. Fantastamazing for fidgeting. Great material for strokers.

0030 - aka; 30, piano, soft. Good for grinding or squishing. Good material for Medium to large toys.

0050 - aka; 50, mezzoforte (mf), med-firm. Many of our pokey toys will be from this shore. Kinda perfect middle ground for all sizes.

10A - aka; forte (f), firm. Has some heft behind it. It’ll feel almost rock-like in thicker toys. Great for narrow and smaller toys.

Vari - Sometimes we have mixed-firmness toys. They will be labeled as "VARI." If we think it will delaminate, then it will be marked "N4F" as well. Basically, we had extra material and didn’t want to waste it. So, we layered it into a mold to see how cool it turned out.

Other materials available for novelties include: (Pls) Plaster, (Rsn) Resin, & (PLA) Printed. None of these other materials are body safe. Do not put these toys inside your (or anyone else's) body or against sensitive/absorbent areas of a body. Consenting or otherwise. We apply a sealing coating to each of our novelties to promote longevity of coloration and to assist in cleaning. This is a dust seal layer only. Not a moisture barrier.

WAX-candles. These will always be *low* temperature, and UNSCENTED. These will usually be MTO listings, If the listing includes "witchy mojo," it will *require* a follow up conversation. The “witchy mojo” indicates that we will include a spell with your order, and we need to know what you’d like to improve. We only do light magic.