Use Care and Storage Guidelines

* Use water or oil based lubricants with sexual toys. Silicone based lubes can degrade and compromise silicone toys over time. Lower quality lubes are more likely to do this faster.

* Thoroughly clean sexual toys with mild detergent or antibacterial soap before and after use. Be sure to get all of the juices cleaned off to help mitigate cross-contamination or microbial growth.

* While cleaning, carefully inspect each toy for tears or damage before use. It is helpful to do this after use as well, in case a new tear has formed. If you notice a nick, tear, or other unsafe damage, discontinue the toy immediately until it can be safely repaired. If it cannot be repaired, carefully cut the toy up into unusable pieces and dispose of it per local waste management advice.

* Do not throw old, damaged, or worn out silicone toys in a ditch or garden. Silicone is not environmentally friendly (it does not degrade). Please contact your local waste management authority for advice in disposing of silicone. If you find an environmentally friendly (and safe) method of upcycling your toys, please let us know so we can share knowledge!

* For a deeper cleaning, boil silicone toys in deep water for between 5 and (no more than) 10 minutes, monthly. (Adjust frequency per usage). 

* For storing silicone sculptures, prevent long-term, physical contact with dissimilar materials. Some materials can interact with silicone chemically, and will cause a variety of reactions that can ruin your toy or worse. For long term storage, keep the location dry to help mitigate microbial growth.

* Please be aware that our sculptures not made of platinum cure silicone, ARE NOT INTENDED FOR SEXUAL USE. They will have included a "NOT 4 FUCKING" or "NOT FOR FUCKING" label on the original packaging. Our plaster and resin sculptures are sealed against dust alone, and are intended EXCLUSIVELY for display and aesthetic handling. Wipe the surfaces with a dry, microfiber cloth to clear away dust.