Statement of Warranty and Responsibility

We take no responsibility or liability for what you (or others) do to (or with) your (or their) body with or without our products. Our products are intended for the entertainment of consenting adults. We take great pride in our reputation, are meticulous in our material selection and our quality checking, and we make every reasonable effort to ensure our products meet a standard of quality and safety that would make our Nana proud. If we missed something, or if you have a concern about a defect or feature, please reach out to us via email or dm on social.

Our silicone toys are manufactured from platinum-cure silicone. It is one of the safest materials on the market for sex and body-safe toys. It is also one of the most robust materials in the industry. As such, barring any intentionally destructive behaviors, the product should maintain its quality.

Upon receipt, please inspect all items in your shipment. If there is any damage, you have concerns, or if you are displeased with your order, please contact us before unsealing your items. We will not accept returns of unsealed items.

To be clear, our return/refund policy covers a 30 day period upon notification from the shipment carrier that your package has been delivered. This is our warranty period for possible returns/refunds. If, during the life of the product after this period has expired, it experiences a failure that you believe to be a manufacturing defect, please reach out to us.